Update (4/1/98)
OK, it's all over and Black Cat Bone has won, after years of finishing in the place that is not first. I will post the final standings soon.

Update (3/26/98)
New standings are here.

Update (3/25/98)
Yes, it's been a while. You see, I went to New Mexico to snowshoe, climb mountains and such, and when I got home Saturday, I went to check on things basketball and my hard drive died. I did however post an update on the message board.
So I have had to rebuild then recreate my hard drive, put together the pool info from my backups (yes, everything was backed up), and reinstall Microsoft Office to get the updated sheets out. That's where I am now, and that's why I posted everyone's picks after the second round (so you could figure out your own standing).
Important: As noted on the message board, I made a mistake in entering Black Cat Bone's picks in one game, so he actually had 68 points after the first two rounds.

Update (3/16/98)
OK, 57 entries. Everyone's picks are here.Please doublecheck them. Yours, that is.

Update (3/15/98)
OK, I've entered all the picks from everyone and it looks like 55 entries. My champs Kansas just went down. Whoop-dee-do.
Go back, and click on the standings pages for Round 1 and Round 2. Make sure my totals agree with yours.
Spanky left a blank slot for the Temple-Wva game; so did Sven for the Ark-Utah winner; Manhattan had "Mich" winning two rounds instead of Mich St. or E. Mich-I don't know what he wanted so I have to give zero points there. Sorry.

Update (3/13/98)
Finally. I am going out of town next week, so I have had a ton of stuff to do at work. I didn't even have a chance to look at my own picksheet since I submitted it.
I am only just now going through the sheets, and figuring out how many and also just now beginning to enter the data. We had ten people this year who entered via the web, as opposed to just one last year. Thanks! That makes data entry a lot easier.
I can't yet answer any of the questions, such as how many people are in, but it looks like about 50. The less time I spend gabbing here, the quicker I get the data input and posted, so later...

Update (3/11/98)
Reyes and Tammy , check the message board. At this time, I have on-line picks from the following: Give Me Some Sugar, Femme Vitale, (you know, Net Prophet dishes out clever handles like Mike Bibby does assists) Dr. Funkenstein, 63 Losers (from the "half-empty" school), Twang Brother, sedc03, and of course, Net Prophet, his own bad self, who entered today.

Update (3/11/98)
For some reason, the on-line pick sheet is taking a few hours before the picks get to me. Please e-mail me if you fill out your picks on-line, so I know to check for them.

Update (3/10/98)
The on-line version of the pick sheet is up and running, I hope.(No, it's not, I've turned it off since it's now too late-Net Prophet 3/12/98.) As usual, I urge you to keep your paper copy. I also strongly urge you to e-mail me as soon as you fill it out. (see 3/11)

Update (3/9/98)
Welcome to March Madness 1998! This year's edition may have a few changes, like the new Message Board. And I'm not sure if I'll get the online version of the picksheet up in time. I will have paper copies of the sheets down to th' Eddy tonight (Monday). E-mail me with your e-mail address if you want me to include you in my Madness 1998 mailing list.

Update (4/1/97)
Final Standings are here.
The championship game was rather anticlimactic, since the last challenger went down on Saturday. The overwhelming support for Kansas in the tourney led to relatively few standings changes over the later rounds, since so many people had similar picks. the top two tied with 104 points and 45 picks.
As always it was a lot of fun. Thanks for participating. sorry I didn't always have updates every single day, but I hate rushing things because I don't like to publish errors (see round 1). (BTW, CU Later is Vince and Sweet Pea is Nancy.)

Update (3/20/97)
Remember, there was incorrect information up on the picks page for a few hours on Tuesday. And I'm not totally sure about the printout I left a the bar on Monday.
However, the information should now be correct, and the sheets I left at the bar last night (I left 50 of them) should be correct. If you're not sure if you have good info or not, check the top of your sheet. If you see "Manhattan" near the top (3rd?or so), then that's wrong. You should see Manhattan with 66 points.
Jeez, that's why I need a proofreader.

Update (3/19/97)
As I said, I made a mistake in yesterday afternoon's pick sheet. I'm concerned about which version I printed out on Monday night for the Eddy. The wrong one has incorrect scores for about half the entrants. In those cases, the player got the score of a player directly above him/her in my master list. Needless to say that is a major malfunction.
The scores from my original page and printout, with only players and scores is correct, and the new page I posted last night should also be correct.
Tonight I should have a printout of all players' picks (and copies). Sure hope they're correct.

Update (3/18/97)
Yow!!I made a mistake...The updated table I put up this afternoon with everyone's picks and points was wrong (thanks, JB). The other, simpler standings sheet which shows points from the first two rounds is still correct.
I've taken it down, and will replace it with an accurate (hopefully) one. Sorry for any confusion it may have caused.

Update (3/17/97)
I believe we have 47 entrants; there was a FedEx here at UT from Weekend Shooter in Idaho with $20 and a pick sheet when I got to work this morning.
How many picked whom for the champions? Out of our 47, it's like this: Kansas-35, No. Carolina-7, Kentucky-2, Minnesota-1, Utah-1. And one player left it blank.

Notes on Las Vegas (3/15/97)
Vegas was tawdry and worn, just as we expected. Sports Book at the Stardust was pretty much rockin'. Yours truly came out ahead, with Murray St. and the Horns my big winners (see details). A couple of three game parleys were particularly nice.
Turned around at Stardust Sports Book only to see Jimmy Walker ("Dyn-o-mite!") right behind us. Overheard him say he likes Texas, and he really likes Reggie Freeman. Uh-huh.

March Madness '97 kicks off. (3/15/97)
So far, have collected for 35 pick sheets. Since I left for Las Vegas early Thursday morning, There are probably several sheets that I haven't yet picked up. I will TRY to have sheets out Monday. I will also try to update this page or the standings page(Hint: use the text standings page for now) as often and early as possible, but give me a break since I've been out of town.

March 1, 1997 Phil Gavenda at UT Austin
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