Madness Update

A new season. I'll have the pick entry open this evening. You may have noticed I've added several rss news feeds which update constantly to keep you brainiacs informed. (If they don't update, that's because ESPN or whoever is not updating their feed.) I hope to also have this page (updates.rss) posting rss updates so you can get them yourself in your preferred newsreader.
Oh, almost forgot. You can now get to my Madness site from This should be easier to remember or write down or enter into your cell phone browser. It just redirects to the same old page here.
Well, congratulations Joe Friday. I have been asked if this is the most unpredicted of all the madnesses. I don't know. But some interesting tidbits: Not a single player out of the 68 had the champion picked, and this was known before the Final Four. I'm pretty sure this hasn't happened before. Also, the winning total of 97 points (no body is going to pick up anything tomorrow night) may not have been the lowest total to win, and not that far from the top in some other years. However, in 2001 that would have barely been on the first page of the leader board--27th place to be precise.
I may have made a mistake entering George Mason's surprising victory; I may have been a step ahead of myself and given credit for their Regional Final game before I gave them credit for their regional semi-final game. Would make maybe a point difference, but if you are battling for top spot that might make a difference. This total may have been wrong for a day. But you know what? Nobody picked them so it don't matter none.
Wow, a whole year went by and I never updated the "update" page. Oh well. This bracket from the NCAA doesn't have the teams filled in yet. And notice that I've put up some historical archives for those of you who want to trace the history of your picks.