Rules for 2015 :
Again, no changes really; the play-in games this year includes two for the 11 seed so that's why we won't open the picks until Wednesday night.
Rules for 2014 :
No changes really; the play-in game this year includes one for the 11 seed so that's why we won't open the picks until Wednesday night
Rules for 2011 (still holds for 2013):
Important! The NCAA has now added 3 more teams to a preliminary "First Four" game series, which they're now calling the "First Round." The strange thing is that these are no longer simply going in to sixteen seeds, to be promptly eliminated. These teams may be decent squads, as high as a ten seed. What this means is that I can't construct a bracket until I know what it is. Therefore, the pool won't open until Wednesday night, after the "First Four" games are completed and we know the 64 for the bracket.
Rules for 2009:
Entry only available to prior players. If you weren't in last year, sorry. (I may make exceptions.) Also, if you want to win this thing, you'll have to let me know before the championship game where you will be available for payoff. That doesn't mean you must be present to win, it just means I want to hear from you before the championship game is over. You can email me at madness at gavenda dot com. You should know by the last weekend if you have any chance to win. If you're in contention for the final game, let me know if you're going to be around to collect. Otherwise we can make arrangements. But I'm not going to spend a week tracking you down. If you win and do not collect or contact me immediately I am taking your money and giving it to second place.
One of the finalists in the running last year never did contact me; nor did he/she respond to my email. Therefore I am requiring your real name in the "real name" field. If one person is entering data for more than one player, that's ok; just be sure there is one real name per handle. They can share contact info but whoever is listed with that contact info is responsible for all fate, good or bad, which may befall that player.
If you win and call me late at night, I am giving your winnings to the Nature Conservancy. So don't do that.
Remember, only one sheet per player. You can enter a sheet for someone else though.
am serious about these, and the donation to the Nature Conservancy.
Also, if you are entering for someone else you'd better be sure the contact info you enter for them is good, whether or not it's yours or theirs.
Do not "make a deal" with your competitor to "share" prize money before the final game. There is no second place, live with it. (This does not include partnerships created to submit one bracket.)
No more paper entries.
Internet only. $20 is due before the first game (not including the "play-in" game). Preferably by Wednesday night.
(no longer valid-net prophet)
"Play-in" game. There is a so-called "play-in" game between the two worst teams in the field to see who gets the 16th seed to play the 1 seed. This is two days before the tourney starts. (It's in Dayton, 3/17/09, pitting Alabama St vs. Morehead St.) If the winner of the play-in game loses to the 1 seed, then it won't matter. If the winner of the play-in game beats the 1 seed, it will only matter if you picked this upset. And you won't be able to pick one of the two play-in teams; there will be only one entity for both. (I know, it's confusing--it'll make more sense when the pairings are announced.)
Scoring is 2-2-3-4-5-6. E.g., 2 points for correct first and second round picks, 3 for third round, etc... until 6 points for the champion.
No second place. If there is a tie, sole tie-breaker will be total correct number of picks.
Please proofread your picks! It is much easier if you fill one out on paper first before you fill out the on-line one. (The on-line sheet will be available soon after selection Sunday.) And here it is: (closed)
. I put it here so you'd read the rules.
No whining.
Did I mention there is no second place?
Update sheets are unofficial. If you think I've made a mistake in your picks, let me know immediately. I reserve the right to make honest mistakes, but after the championship game I won't make any changes.
I'll have updates as soon as possible.
And of course, my personal favorite-Decisions of the rules committee are final.
Be sure to see the Format page for more information on how this works.
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