Photos from the John Muir Trail

Note—I completed the John Muir Trail in September of 2002. Here are some pictures from that hike. Click on any picture for a full-sized image. A "Camp no." indicates the number of day of the hike; e.g., "Camp 14" means my campsite on day 14. At this time, I only have the last two of four rolls of film I took, so only the last half of the hike is here. I used my Yashica T-4, with fixed 35mm lens, which hardly does justice to the spectacular mountain scenery, but I wasn't about to lug an extra five lbs. of camera gear. So sue me.

Day 1-4—Started at Happy Isles Trailhead, Yosemite Valley. Camp 1 near Forsyth Trail Jct., where a large bear visited briefly just after midnight. Next night in Tuolumne Meadows "backpackers" campground. Camp 3 was in Lyell Canyon, just below the ascent to Donohue Pass (11,056'). Lyell Canyon is well known for its "marauding bears;" I saw none but heard later some backpackers (camped nearby) with improperly stored food had it stolen by a couple of Brando-like wild bruins on that same night. Next day to Donohue Pass, which I must have thought was a big deal judging by the number of pictures I took; It would turn out to be one of the easiest of the entire trip. Thence across Island Pass, and I camped (camp 4) beside one of two beautiful but unnamed alpine lakes (just below 11,000'). Then past Thousand Island Lake and Garnet Lake.

Phil at the start Famous trailhead sign with mileages Site of camp 1, near Forsyth trail The invisible bear Looking back down Valley, on way to Sunrise
Break site; Cathedral range Same Approaching Cathedral Peak and lake Cathedral Peak, Cathedral Lake Tuolumne Meadows
Leaving Tuolumne, entering Lyell Canyon Lyell Canyon Lyell Canyon with Donohue Pass in background Ascending Donohue Pass looking back to Lyell base camp (Camp 3) Approaching Donohue Pass
Unnamed lake near Donohue Pass Looking back from Donohue

Donohue Pass

Phil and Donohue Pass

Donohue Pass

Near Island Pass From camp 4; Ritter and Banner mts.

From camp 4, Ritter and Banner

Banner Peak from 1,000 Island Lake

Banner Peak from 1,000 Island Lake


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