Added 3/7/2007
A trip to Big Bend and some hiking in Big Bend Ranch State Park gave me some photo ops of Aoudad (not bighorns) way up in the canyon cliffs.

Added 9/4/2004
Most of my newer pix are posted on my .mac homepage, at . Even my boring blog is there.

Added 10/1/02
John Muir Trail hike; September 2002.
Photos and trip journal from my hike of the John Muir Trail in Aug/Sept. 2002.

Added 5/15/00
Sophie, my new dog; a refugee from the pound. She's very black and hard to photograph. I'll have some better shots later. 2000.

Added 3/12/00
Pictures from the summit of Guadalupe Peak 2000.
Sunrise from the summit; from backpacking trip to Guadalupe Mountains National Park 2/2000.

Added 12/20/99
Pictures of Leonids Meteor Shower, Big Bend. 1999.
Well, to an extent. I only caught one meteor.

Added 8/11/99
Pictures of Indian Peaks Wilderness, Colorado. 1999.

Added 7/4/99
Pictures of Guadalupe Peak and El Capitan 1986.
Pictures I took on a hiking/backpacking trip in 1986.

Added 7/1/99
University of Texas Tower Observation deck, 1962.
Some px my dad took looking in all directions from the top of the tower. People who remember Austin in the 50's and 60's will get a kick out of this, as will those who are in the tower today.

Added 6/29/99
Old pictures: Cape Kennedy1968.
Saturn V, Mission Control, launch pad, etc...Some px my dad took when we were in Florida in '68.

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