This is the newest incarnation of some web pages I first put out in the early 1990’s. On-line resources for backcountry information back then were severely limited. The newsgroup rec.backcountry was by far the best interactive information site for hiking/backpacking/trip reports (don’t bother checking it now; it’s a shell of its former self) but there were no informative sites for things like national parks. Don’t believe me? Here’s the Guadalupe Mountains National Park “site” from early 1997: April 1997 US NPS Guadalupe Mountains NP site

Compare it with their current site.

So most information on backcountry topics was garnered from hard copy sources, such as trail guides, park brochures and pamphlets, or hard copy versions of maps (USFS maps for example.) I put up my pages as a repository of photos from my trips to share with others, and also as a place to share camping and hiking information that wasn’t available on-line anywhere else.

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