March 3, 2014-updates, update css

February 5, 2012--updated html, added mesowest information.

Links to historical data in Big Bend area no longer work as per response from MAF (Midland NWX office) below:

Several months ago, all of the Southern Region of the NWS was required to move all site pages to a new web system.  Previously our pages were HTML.  Now they are contained within a "Content Management System".  These two systems are not compatible.

Though we have converted a large number of pages already, the climate pages that had been built over a period of years was so extensive that there has been insufficient time available to rebuild all of our pre-existing pages.  It will not be possible to rebuild all pre-existing pages, and I cannot estimate when the pages you are looking for may be available.

In the short term, your best bet is the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), though the data there is often not free:

You might also try a regional climate center:

Our office climate page is now at: